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Jaime F. Higgins, PLS, CP

Jaime F. Higgins has over 30 years of experience land surveying and mapping. He has managed and successfully completed surveying and mapping projects in the US and Mexico.  Projects have ranged from less than an acre to over 50 square miles in area and linear corridor projects over 100 miles in length. Jaime has utilized, and managed the use of a wide variety of survey technologies throughout his career, including conventional total stations, GPS, mobile LiDAR and aerial sensors (medium format cameras, LiDAR sensors and integrated LiDAR and camera systems) on fixed or rotary wing platforms. He has recently added small UAS (drones) vehicles as platforms for aerial data collection. Work experience includes both land title and civil design support, on private and public projects. Projects have included renewable energy (wind and solar), electric transmission, aviation, highway, rail, industrial, and residential development.

As a FAA licensed unmanned aircraft pilot, Jaime provides drone based mapping and inspection services.

Jaime currently maintains the previous survey records of W.L. Jorden and Company (1986 - 2000), HDR Engineering (Atlanta office 2000 - 2010), JF Higgins Land Surveying, PC (2000 - 2005) and Vectors Technical Services, LLC (2010).

For more information, or to discuss your project or opportunity, please feel free to contact Jaime directly through the information found on this website or through LinkedIn (

Land Surveying Companies

Jaime F. Higgins, PLS, CP